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Our game servers


A Minecraft Server Network
Minecraft Java Edition version 1.19.3

Survival, KitPvP, Creative, Hardcore
Some added game features:
Land Claiming, McMMO, Economy, Multiworld, Dungeons

Server IP

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive


Casual servers:
Sauna maps
Community Competitive servers:
Pick-Up Games


We develope and host many kinds of game servers. Games which we currently host free-for-all servers are Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with more servers for different games coming soon!

Check out The Server list for status of our servers

Disclaimer: Killa Servers Ltd. is not associated with Microsoft Corporation, Mojang Studios or Valve Corporation. All rights belong to their respective owners.


Killa Servers is managed by Killa Servers Ltd company, which aims to host different kinds of game servers, voice servers and also to provide other services. Our company is registed in Finland.


At the moment our community is made of a few active community administrators, dozens of occasional teamspeak users and the members of our game servers.


TeamSpeak is a VoIP communication system.
You can join to our server by using TeamSpeak client and connecting to address
Download TeamSpeak 3 client (opens in a new tab)


Mumble is an open source voice chat application.
Our Mumble-server is running on address
Download Mumble client (opens in new tab)


We have also Discord server dedicated to Killa Servers. You can join using this invite link:

* - Disclaimer: TeamSpeak is created and owned by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH and is not part of Killa Servers Ltd.

About us

Our team has bunch of experience with creating, managing and maintaining different kinds of servers. With our vision and passion we bring forward our projects with pride.


Chief Executive Officer
Tero Ahokas

Chief Financial Officer
Santeri Sinisalo

Otto Venäläinen
Olli Hissa
Atte Saine
Tatu Majuri

Contact Us


tero (at) | Chief Executive Officer
santeri (at) | Chief Financial Officer

Other ways to contact:

TeamSpeak 3 server address:
Discord server invite link:

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